Straight up me.

I may as well let you know who i really am.  I’m a girl whose passion is music…every part of my life revolves around it.  I have friends of all different kinds and each and every one of them is special and loved by me.  If you’re my friend you know you’re pretty freaking special because I don’t like very many people.  I hang out with people who smoke, drink, and do drugs, but I wont go anywhere near any of those things.  I’ll try my best to get my friends to stop doing these things because frankly, im selfish and i dont want them to die before i get every minute out of our friendship.  I know when i’m right, so don’t try to convince me otherwise.  I still have “crushes” on guys that i don’t even know like i did when i was 7.  When I say that I’m ugly, I mean it…I’ll let you know on days i feel beautiful.  I hate people who aren’t honest and dont act like themselves.  So who am i? You should have a pretty good idea now.